About me

So, who am I ?

My name is Bojan Kopanja and I’m a passionate mobile developer, and tech lover. I don’t know by which miracle you stumbled upon this blog, but since you’re already here let me tell you a few things about myself.

As I already said I’m a passionate programmer, that graduated with bachelor degree at “Visoka Skola Elektrotehnike i Racunarstva – strukovne studije” in Belgrade in 2009, and later graduated with master’s degree at “Visoka ICT” school also in Belgrade in 2014. My love for computers came a long time ago. Since I was 3 I played a lot of games on Commodore 64 which helped me, by the time I started my high school, to focus on programming instead of games.

Since my high school, I came a long way from being a newbie programmer to a serious developer with a lot of experience and some great projects behind me.

Some of those cool projects are:

  • Parking Manijak – iOS app – One of the most popular mobile apps in Serbia. It allows you to easily, with just one click on your phone, send sms for parking payment. With huge user base, and high rating ( 4.5 ) this is one app that I’m really proud of. I’m not the initial creator of the app, the app actually existed long before the iOS version, and it’s initial creator was my good friend Zoltan Fekete.
  • Taksiko – web and mobile app that won the award for the best mobile app in the region on WEB Fest 2012, I programmed the Android version and WEB API, and Taksiko is a product of me and my colleagues from Imperio.
  • PrijaviProblem – web and mobile app that won third place at the competition from “Digitalna Agenda” on January 2012. I programmed the Android version, the app was developed by me and the Imperio team.
  • Ostavi Ovde – I programmed the iOS version for this project, and it was developed during the first Hackathon in Belgrade

Besides programming I love good music and movies, so I try to listen to good music whenever I can, and occasionally to watch a good movie. I don’t really have a favourite genre, so I can enjoy pretty much any genre as long as the movie is interesting. I’m also a computer geek, and a real gadget freak.