It’s been a while

I think it was about time for me to reactivate my blog. I kinda missed it, but i simply didn’t have time to make anything new earlier, so I thought that it would be a good idea to use some spare time during the holidays to make my new blog so here it is 🙂.

I’ll keep this blog pretty technical this time, so you’ll have chance to read about things I do with my co-workers in our company, and with some friends in a “company-non-related” projects. I’ll also keep this blog as a source of good programming hints because every once in a while I bump into a problem that I need to solve, I solve it and then I forget about that solution, so next time I need the same solution I waste my time again on finding one, and I’m pretty sure that there are other programmers like me with similar problem, so I’ll post every useful solution that I find during my day, in case we all need it later.

OK guys, I won’t bother you anymore with this first post, I’ll rather find something interesting to write about, and make a new post about that topic.