New decisions for this year

This year sure did start in a rush. ZeusSoftware was pretty loaded with work since New Year ( we still are ) and I must say that while it’s nice to have plenty of work to do, it’s also nice to occasionally take a break from it and get some rest with friends and family! Unfortunately ( or fortunately, the time will tell ) I had to miss my trip to Amsterdam but that’s all part of the new decision that I made somewhere around middle of Jan this year.

The most important thing in life is having a plan and being concentrated to some things, not ALL things ! You can’t chase too many things because at the end you’ll end up chasing your own tail and you’ll do nothing with your potential, so here’s what I decided:

  • Let the people that are leeching your life energy leave your life, and make room for new great people that will give you more energy than you ever had! By the end of year 2012 I decided to minimize socializing with certain people, and in the same time I met some great people, so I guess that I’m moving the balance in favor of great people with great energy!
  • Stop trying to program for every freakin’ mobile platform there is, so from now on I’ll definitely focus on Android and Windows phone 8, and iOS / Blackberry 10 will remain in a domain of my hobby projects and every day projects of my coworkers ( pretty simple isn’t it? )
  • Focus more on new technologies. For example I never had enough time to actually dive into node.js because there was always something else to do, a lot of jobs, deadlines etc. but from now on I’ll choose my jobs wisely and I’ll reserve a part of the day for the things I love, and that is simply hacking around, and by hacking around I don’t mean hijacking credit cards info or getting into other people computers, but learning new things/technologies. So Node.js, MongoDB, Solr etc. here I come!
  • Have more free time! This is actually pretty important ( thank you Captain Obvious ), because if you’re constantly tired, you’re no good to anybody, so the three musketeers from ZeusSoftware already booked a ski vacation this March, and somewhere around June/July we plan to go on a road trip over Europe, so when we combine that with Playstation 3 while resting from work, and sport activities such as Tennis and Gym I guess that we will all be in a better mental shape, and that we will also have a great time while doing all that!
  • One other important thing is the power of will! Every morning when I get up from my bed I start the day thinking how great that day WILL be and when I go to sleep I end that day thinking how it WAS a great day and that actually work pretty good, because it simply becomes a way of thinking and your mind start working on that frequency so I must say that I’m in a better mood every day, and I feel really great.

So as a conclusion I will say that the great times are here and waiting for us to get to them so move your ass people and go there!