GWT problems with Win8

OK, don’t ask me how come I write about GWT now, I owe you one text that will explain what happened in the last 3-4 months so everything will be clear after that.

Anyway, yesterday I installed Windows 8 to my PC ( yea yea, don’t mock me I wanted to torture myself ) and everything went more than great, with one exception and that is GWT developer Plugin for Chrome that I need to work. After I installed everything I went to Chrome extensions and tried to install GWT dev plugin but install button was greyed out and i couldn’t do anything about that.

Finally I managed to find install file for that extension and I installed it tomy Chrome ( v 28 ) and everything seemed perfect. Next time I tried to run the application I work on GWT plugin just crashed and that was it. I tried several things but nothing seemed to help, this is a known bug and it happens only on latest Chrome ( I must use it as this project woks only on Chrome/Safari, so I couldn’t switch to Firefox and work from there ).

After several hours I finally managed to find a solution ( I hope ) and here it is in case someone else needs it:

1. Make sure Chrome is pined to the task bar
2. Right click on the chrome icon>Properties>Shortcut
3. Add in target: –enable-easy-off-store-extension-install
4. Open chrome and navigate to extensions ( chrome://chrome/extensions/ )
5. Drag and drop on it the plugin ( I’ve posted the link to it )

I was able to download the plugin from here so I hope you’ll be able to follow my steps and continue your work if you use Chrome for development and work with GWT.

Original solution was found here.